Property Matters Home Inspections

Seasonal and annual service agreements include a complimentary Home Inspection by our experienced and skilled Home Builder and Contracting team (a $1500 value)! 

The benefit of our home inspection is to provide assurance your home is functioning properly, efficiently and most importantly, safely, for you, your family, and guest. Our experienced team will help identify problems in the making and provide a comprehensive report of preventive measures and suggested maintenance which will help avoid costly repairs and keep your home in good shape. As Certified Green Builders, our experts will also suggest measures to make your home more energy efficient in hopes to lower your utility costs.  

 During our home inspection, our team will inspect the following items

  • identify potential safety issues within your home or on your property which could endanger you or your family
  • inspect the structural integrity of the home, including the roof, walls, and support
  • inspect the condition of the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems
  • inspect ventilation and insulation issues in the attic which could result in roof failure, mold or moisture related problems
  • inspect fireplaces and heating devices for safe clearances and identify potential failure issues
  • inspect all gutters, downspouts, soffits, eaves and fascia for any signs of damage, rot or other defects
  • inspect the driveway, retaining walls, grading and drainage of the property, identifying potential negative slope situations

After the home inspection, an easy to understand, yet comprehensive report will be provided to the homeowner.  The sense of security and knowledge you’ll gain from our home inspection is priceless!